Culture and values

Drawing on more than 100 years of history, G4S is proud of its distinct culture and strong values.

Culture and values

These values – listed below – guide how we conduct our business and develop positive relationships with all our stakeholders including clients, employees, investors and the communities in which we work.
Each value has a senior executive ‘champion’ within the Group who is responsible for ensuring that it is embedded into the way G4S conducts its business throughout the world. 

Our values
Customer focus – we have close, open relationships with our customers that generate trust and we work in partnership for the mutual benefit of our organisations. 

Expertise – we develop and demonstrate our expertise through our innovative and leading-edge approach to creating and delivering the right solution. 
Performance – we challenge ourselves to improve performance year-on-year and to create long-term sustainability. 

Best people – we always take care to employ the best people, develop their competence, provide opportunities and inspire them to live our values.

Integrity – we can always be trusted to do the right thing. 

Collaboration and teamwork – we collaborate for the benefit of G4S as a whole. 

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